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What are the benefits of being Premium?

With the premium version

  • no ads
  • no watermark
  • access to all available effects
  • render in high quality
  • add up to 10 effects
  • support us and development of the app
Am I able to place more than one effect on my photo?

Yes of course, but please note, it is one of our pro features from three or more effects! After selecting the required effect, you will be able to duplicate it or add a new one to your photos.

Can VIMAGE edit videos as well as as photos?

The essence of the app is to create cinemagraphs from simple photos, therefore videos can’t be edited.

Is there an option to modify (i.e. speed up or slow down) the speed of an effect?

Yes, you can edit these settings in the Adjustments menu.

What if I change my phone, do I need to pay again for the app?

If you change from android to android or from iOS to iOS, you will not need to pay for the app again. However, you will need to use the same Google or Apple ID that you used when purchasing our product. Transferring your subscription either from iOS to android, or android to iOS is not possible.

I have some good feature ideas too. Where can I share them with you?

We are developing the app based on our users’ feedback, all of which is appreciated. If you have any feature-related ideas, please contact us using the form below!

I haven't found the effect that I was looking for. What should I do?

We are continuously increasing the size of our effect collection, but if you have any suggestions, please comment below and help us figure out how to implement it.

I was faced with some bugs while using the app, what should I do now?

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us via the contact form and explain the issue. A screenshot and the type of your phone would be much appreciated because it helps us solve the problem.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, please launch the Google Play Store app, tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions and choose the VIMAGE APP.

In case you are an iPhone owner please follow these instructions: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT202039

If you have a few minutes please tell us on the form below why you cancelled your subscription. We’ll appreciate it.

I have removed the app. Am I going to be charged if I have an active subscription?

Yes. You need to cancel your subscription manually. So, in case of Android phones please launch the Google Play Store app, tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions  and choose the ‘vimage app’. If you have an iPhone, please open the settings, iTunes, view Apple ID and there you can modify your subscriptions. We are sorry to see you leave. 🙁 If you have any suggestions about how our app could be better, please share with us! Thank you!

I think I have been overcharged. What can I do?

For android users, please follow these instructions to request the refund: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7205930
For iPhone users please follow these instructions to request the refund: https://www.imore.com/how-to-get-refund-itunes-app-store

How can I be featured?

When you share your art piece on Instagram, please use the following hashtags #vimage #vimageofthaday and tag our account @vimageapp and you will have the chance to get reposted in the app and/or on  Instagram!









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