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3 years agoin progress0
Product: Android, Category: Feature request

mounting, riding, … and no internet -> nothing to do in vimage, all effects need internet access. There must be a button to preload all!! actual effects like within routing-apps at home or e.g. free/safe wifi-hotspot. Waiting for coming home/internet is no solution, especially if you are on tour for more than one day or internet is expensive (… e.g. satellite/ship internet). The already rendered cinemagraphs are mostly smaller in file size so they are better uploadable in contrast (also with slower internet access).
Also stop the user-tracking all over the world. The internet-traffic for user tracking within the software by the “sniffing”-companies are heavy and it are not really user-oriented.
License control over internet -> extend control period -> 1 day is not enough for outdoor action!